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10 Things I'm Loving - Winter 2021

Get comfortable! My favorite things for Winter 2021 are all about rest, comfort and relaxation. There might be one or two cute little finds, too. I'll start with things that make my morning routine cozy and comfy then lead you to my favorite comfort food find for work and then we'll end the day with a relaxing bath!


First things first. Before I'm even out of the bed, my coffee maker is brewing my morning pot of coffee. I usually have 1-2 cups in the morning before I head to work. I have been loving this Good & Gather Signature Coffee Organic Three Region Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee from Target lately. It is warmth, comfort and my daily dose of caffeinated motivation in a cup!


When I roll out of bed, I slide my feet into these Sorel Coffee Run slippers. They are perfect house shoes for cooler weather because they are warm and cozy but have a sole that is supportive for doing chores around the house. You can also wear them out of the house if you wish!


After I let the pups out to potty, I fix my cup of coffee and head to the front living room to light the gas fireplace. I cuddle up with the pups and have my Bible reading and prayer time while sipping on my coffee. I haven't had a new Bible in 20+ years, so my bestie Anna gave me this gorgeous Zondervan The Jesus Bible Artist Edition (ESV) for Christmas. It is so lovely! Not only is it beautiful, it is well-appointed with a great concordance, room for notes and journaling and articles about each book of the Bible.


I love a slow morning drinking coffee, reading and snuggling by the fire with my fur babies. Because of this I like to do as little as possible when it comes to my morning beauty routine. I wash my hair at night only 1-2 times per week so that means headbands are the accessory of choice for the last day or two before I need to wash my hair. I absolutely adore the heart-printed knot headband from J.Crew Factory, and it is perfect for Valentine's Day!


After I quickly get dressed and make sure the dogs are settled, I grab my lunch to head to work. Since I work in education and don't have a lunch break, this little Crock-Pot Food Warmer has been a lifesaver for reheating leftovers in my classroom. It holds 20 ounces and is perfect for a serving of last night's soup or pasta dish. I plug it in when I get to work, and by lunch (around 11:30), my food is piping hot and ready to enjoy!


As you can imagine, at school I am constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. Educators are all too familiar with this, but we might even be a little more extreme nowadays (#Covidtimes). My hands are constantly dry and cracking, and O'Keefe's Working Hands cream is about the only thing that helps keep them smooth. I should buy stock!


After work, I run errands, work out, cook dinner and tidy the house a little. On the nights that I don't have to wash my hair, I love to take a relaxing bath! This bamboo bath tray was another Christmas gift from my bestie Anna, and it has made my relaxing bath even more enjoyable!


Along with my bath, I love to have a cup of tea to sip. A friend introduced this Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea to me not too long ago, and now I am hooked on having a cup every night!


During my bath, I love to light a candle for aroma and ambiance. There are so many candles that I love, but the Manly Indulgence Five O'Clock Shadow is an all-time favorite! It smells like a good-looking man. #iykyk


If you're going to light a candle, make it fun! This little Electric Candle Lighter is one of my favorite recent Amazon finds. It is fuel-less, flameless and charges easily with a USB. It is so handy and just fun to use!

And there you have it - my current top ten things I'm loving! I hope you'll check them out and tell me what you think. Share in the comments links of fun things you think I should try!

***Disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links, but you should know that I'd never promote an item or service that I don't love! I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase one of the items in this post.***

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