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10 Things I'm Loving - Summer Edition

I love it when people I follow share things that they love and use often, so I thought I'd jump on board and share with you my current top ten essentials. Between quarantine and now summer, I thought I'd focus in on the items I'm using nearly everyday that relate to staying at home and that relate to enjoying the summer sun. I also threw in a couple of cute "fashion" finds for the summer season.


Who isn't spending more time than normal in front of screens these days? Between working from home at my computer and bingeing more television, my eyes needed a break. I have had several pairs of blue light blocking glasses, but these inexpensive Amazon ones are by far my favorite. They are both stylish and effective, and I rarely sit in front of a screen without wearing them.


My latest obsession is loungewear and pajamas, and I have finally found my most favorite sleepshirt ever. Soma is killing the cooling pajamas game with their Cool Nights line of sleepwear. I have this adorable lemon sleepshirt as well as a cute pj shorts/top set. They are soft, comfortable and have a cooling affect for our warm nights!


If you've never heard of Gaby Dalkin at @whatsgabycookin, then you are truly missing out! She has such a fun personality, is super down-to-earth and has the best recipes on the internet. Her latest cookbook Eat What You Want: 125 Recipes for Real Life is a culinary masterpiece, in my opinion. I have made at least six of the recipes from the book, and each one is perfect. We've all had to up our cooking at home game, and Gaby is the perfect helper in that arena.


Since I only live one hour and forty minutes from the white, sandy beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast, I have been at the beach A LOT. It's an easy day trip, and the beaches have not been crowded (with the exception of Memorial Day weekend). When I'm there with friends, we put up my trusty Neso Tent to have coverage from the sun. I love it! It's lightweight and fairly easy to put up. BUT, when it's just me, my solution for sun coverage is this adjustable SPF 50 umbrella with universal clamp. It attaches right to my beach chair and offers shade and sun protection (but I still wear my mineral sunscreen!). It doesn't cover my whole body, but it keeps my face and upper body shaded when I need a break from direct sunlight.


I love this Amazon sun hat. It has SPF 50 protection, the brim folds up for easy travel and it's lightweight and "airy." I don't feel like it is suffocating me. Does that make sense? It also has an adjustable cord that slides inside the sweatband when you don't need it. I would use the cord around my neck when I need to make sure it stays on like when kayaking or boating. It is really good quality for the price!


This is my everyday tinted SPF, and these days it has become my makeup foundation. I have tried several different daily tinted sunscreen options, but the La Roche-Posay Anthelios is by far the best. It is lightweight, not greasy and a mineral sunscreen (which is what you should be wearing on your face, neck, chest and hands). It works well for most skin tones, but if you are really fair, it may be too dark for you.


I adore this wicker wrapped pitcher from Sur la Table. You have probably seen it in several of my Instagram posts and stories, and it is featured on this post along with my Fresh Lime Soda recipe. I make this recipe at least once a week, and even if it is just for me, I make it in this lovely pitcher. It's so elegant but also casual, and the price is incredible! It is currently on sale for less than $10!


Just look at these adorable blue and white paper cocktail napkins also from Sur la Table! They give off that #chinoiserie vibe and are simply elegant. I don't often make cocktails, but when I do I want a pretty napkin to enjoy it with! I use these sparingly (because they are almost too pretty to use), but when I'm feeling fancy, I use one as a coaster for my coffee mug or any drink, really.


Affordable rattan statement earrings? YES, please! These are great. They are about 1.5" long, so not over the top. They are incredibly lightweight and well-made for the price. They are the perfect summer earring!


I guess I'm all about the woven rattan look right now - for my home and personal style. This round rattan handbag from Amazon is so perfect. It has a genuine leather strap, and the inside is lined with cute Batik fabric. I wear it as a crossbody so that tells you a little about the length of the strap. If the rattan earrings are the perfect summer earring, this little handbag is the perfect summer "pocket book."

And there you have it - my current top ten things I'm loving! I hope you'll check them out and tell me what you think.

***Disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links, but you should know that I'd never promote an item or service that I don't love! I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase one of the items in this post.***

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