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Spring 2020 Grandmillenial High/Low Guide

Updated: May 20, 2020

My favorite thing to do is find pieces that look high-end but for an affordable price. In an effort to share my finds with you, I have created a High/Low Guide of some of my favorite Spring 2020 finds!

This guide is all about wovens - rattan, seagrass, bamboo, etc. Woven textures are everywhere in #grandmillenialstyle, and it is easy to find great items at incredible prices if you do the research. The high-end pieces are from Ballard and Serena & Lily. The lower priced options are from Target, Amazon and Wayfair!

Here's the breakdown.



- Amazon Jay Round Rattan Chargers, 4 pack - $22.86 (at time of publishing)

- Wayfair Kelly Clarkson Home Hadley Tray - $79 (at time of publishing)

Happy Hunting!

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