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Souvenir Plates Gallery Wall

Updated: May 20, 2020

My mama started collecting souvenir plates when we traveled as a family, and I have tried to continue the tradition as an adult. I now have all the plates that she collected and some of my own, and it was high time that I did something with them in my home!

I love the #chinoiserie look of many of the plates, and they fit right along with my #grandmillenial style. I have plates from from all over the world!

Top Row (L-R): U.S. Capitol, Biltmore Estate, Elvis Presley's Graceland, Eiffel Tower Paris, Jefferson Davis' Beauvoir Bottom Row (L - R): George Washington's Mt. Vernon, Taj Mahal India, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, The Parthenon Athens, The Pyramids Egypt

I began by roughly creating the layout on the floor. I attached these Flatiron Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers that I found on Amazon to each plate ( #founditonamazon ). They are very easy to put on and hold so well (tip: you do have to let them dry/attach to your plates overnight before hanging them on the wall). I didn't have quite enough of these so I used regular plate hangers where I needed to.

Then, my handy friend Bob helped me hang them up one by one. I did end up changing the layout a little as I went along to fill in the gaps. There's still plenty of room to add more and let the layout evolve as I travel and collect more!

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