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Living Room Lamp Update

I finally got my hands on the recently sold out Bamboo Buffet Lamps from Target! I had been eyeing them for several months, but every time I decided to purchase, they were sold out.

I wasn't actually sure where I'd put them when I made the purchase, but I walked through my home and found a pretty good spot. The piano in my living room had two small lamps (pictured below) that actually came from Fred's Dollar Store.

While I still love these cute little lamps, I found another place for them so that I could make room for the Target lamps. I'm not 100% that the scale of the lamps works here, but I will live with it for a while and decide later. What do you think?

I love that they add a touch of gold to the space and that the bamboo plays on my love of all things #chinoiserie.

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