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A Little Fluff Goes a Long Way

I did a little “fluffing” this weekend and reset this table that sits in my front picture window. The table and chairs belonged to my mama, and I love that I have so many of her treasures in my home. In fact, I'm quite sentimental about a lot of the furniture and accessories in my home because they were passed down by Mama and my two wonderfully Southern grandmothers.

The framed art and small ginger jar belonged to my maternal grandmother Ella, and the photo is of her in her thirties. I found the vintage brass quail set at one of my favorite antique stores in Dothan - Old South Antique Mall. These sweet little quails remind me of playing with a similar set at my Great Aunt Helen’s House when we visited her in Atlanta as kids. The book is an old copy of The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye and reminds me of my two years living in India, and the little books on the bottom shelf of the table are scrapbooks I made of Mama's visit to me while I was living there. My blue and white lamp is a Home Goods find.

It did my heart good to do a little fluffing this weekend!


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